Now Accepting Applications: Neurodivergent Humanities’ Mentorship Scheme

The mentorship scheme is a year-long, non-hierarchical research partnership programme

Are you a neurodivergent researcher in the arts and humanities looking for accessible research practices and a supportive community? If so, you might be interested in the mentorship programme offered by Neurodivergent Humanities.

The mentorship scheme is a year-long, non-hierarchical research partnership programme that pairs neurodivergent researchers from different career stages to experiment and explore accessible research methodologies together. Mentees and mentors will collaborate on a piece of work of a scale and topic that is agreed upon by themselves, with a focus on exploring accessible forms of doing and presenting research, such as through film or zines. Monthly check-ins are encouraged, and participants will be asked to produce content based on their collaborations for the programme’s website.

The mentorship scheme is open to any researcher working in the arts and humanities with an interest in devising and experimenting with accessible research practices. Most mentees will likely be postgraduate researchers who identify as neurodivergent, while mentors will be researchers from postdoctoral level or above who either identify as neurodivergent or as an ally. The distinction between mentor and mentee is based on time within the institution rather than expertise.

The mentorship scheme is an opportunity to find inclusive ways of inhabiting the contemporary academy that enable and empower neurodivergent researchers to work in ways that centre and support their neurodivergence. By doing research on their own terms, mentees and mentors can demonstrate the value of accessible research practices and thrive in their respective fields.

If you’re interested in applying for the mentorship scheme, you can do so online via the below forms. The closing date for applications is 5pm 2nd June 2023 (UK time). If you have any questions, feel free to email Neurodivergent Humanities at

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